Ladies and Gentlemen Studio releases new series

January 29, 2020

(US) – Ladies and Gentlemen Studio has released its new lighting series, Equalizer.

When designing the series, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio looked at how lighting might be used to delineate space instead of walls or structure. With contemporary spaces becoming more open and free-flowing, there is still a need to define zones visually and functionally.

With this need in mind, the design duo imagined an expandable illuminated framework to respond to different interior conditions. Equalizer was created as a series of illuminated shapes connected by a lightweight vertical structure.

Comprised of a system of versatile modular fittings, they were able to create an array of configurations from simple pendants to custom screens that undulate through spaces like room dividers. This flexibility enables a high degree of spatial integration created in collaboration with clients. 

The decorative lighting is carefully tailored to fit the space’s character and functional needs – able to fall anywhere on the spectrum from an asymmetrical sculpture to a symmetrical repeating pattern.  

The Equalizer collection is crafted from finely machined anodised aluminium fittings and paired with handblown glass globes by the studios close collaborator John Hogan, based in Seattle.  The glass is given a satin luster that emits a soft velvety glow when illuminated.  

The collection offers the Chameleon colour way, a special glass effect developed by Hogan. The subtle gradient creates a mysterious yet magical colour changing effect that shifts from sky blue to sunset pinks depending on surrounding light and viewing angle. It’s a very special option that speaks to our obsession with material wonderment and the beauty of glass in general. 

The Equalizer series is designed with versatility in mind, so it can be easily customised and configured based on the context and needs.

Image - Brooke Holm