Las Iguanas, UK

March 12, 2015

What was once a humble bakery in Derby now houses an enticing blend of Latino culture and grandeur in the newly opened branch of Las Iguanas, adorned by B3 Designs.

London-based hospitality interior designers, B3 Designers, have continued their creative collaboration with Las Iguanas restaurant group, taking over the decor of Las Iguanas in Derby. The restaurant chain brings an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy to the high street with a combination of eclectic-faded grandeur style and flamboyant Latino flavour.

The brief was to take the Las Iguanas brand, this time within a Grade II listed building in Derby, and reimagine the character of the space in context of the brand’s ethos.

Opened in October 2014, the 380 sq metre venue, which was once a bakery, has a capacity of 140 covers and spreads across a ground and mezzanine floor. The older areas of the building are connected by a double height atrium space which brings natural light to the central area of the restaurant. To complement this space, an internal courtyard was created dressed with overgrown exotic planting and oversized, antique, bronze chandeliers manufactured by Lightingplus, dominating the apex of the central atrium.

Beneath the balcony Orlando Vintage Wire Cage Retro wall sconces in brass from Industville are mounted on the brick. Also from Industville, handcrafted unique vintage cage wire metal pendant lights add soft lighting overhead to seating areas  under the balcony. The restaurant also features pendants sourced from Chantelle Lighting, NUD, Holloways of Ludlow and Ebb & Flow.

Exposed historic brickwork and giant distressed graphics recreate the feeling of street advertising prominent throughout South America. It’s with these existing architectural features that B3 Designers allude to ideas of faded Latino glamour, in keeping with the Las Iguanas brand, while reclaimed crates are stacked high above the fixed booths within the bar area. Key materials such as Granito cement tiles feature in B3 Designers’ bespoke Latino-style pattern in washed out green and ochre, while reclaimed timber boards in pastel tones add to the fun and flamboyance of the space.

B3 Designers’ Design Director Mark Bithrey commented: “We always relish the challenge of bringing a vibrant Latin aesthetic into UK restaurant sites. Working with a Grade II listed building gave us a great opportunity to play with the idea of faded grandeur which is so prevalent in South America and of course stay true to the fabric of the building, giving an engaging sense of story to the space.”