Lasvit creates glass art installation

June 24, 2016

(US) – Lasvit and architectural firm Rockwell Group create glass art installation for New York City building.

Combining traditional Bohemian glass making with innovative design and technology, Lasvit and Rockwell Group have created a light and design experience at the Sky building, developed by The Moinian Group in New York City.

Located at the nexus of two dynamic neighborhoods, Sky is a luxurious 71-story tower with public spaces, amenities and residences designed by Rockwell Group.

Lasvit was commissioned to create a custom-made lighting installation for the building’s lobby. Called ‘Gravity,’ the installation created by Lasvit in-house designer Ludmila Zilkova together with Rockwell Group, is inspired by the physical phenomena of gravity. Weighing approximately 1543 lbs and with a height of 8 ft, the structure is composed of glass cells, sorted and linked to create one entire structure whose shape appears weighted by gravity.

Zilkova commented on the design inspiration: “Most stories begin with the desire to create something familiar, omnipresent and indispensable…. Gravity, which was created for Sky, is inspired and influenced by one of these forces.” As any organism consists of many similar cells, this sculpture is similarly built from hundreds of glass ‘cells’ linked together at varying angles and spacing to create a unified whole. Each one is unique, hand-blown, which seem to be identical but reveal unique traits.

The impact of the lighting installation is heightened by the caliber of the surrounding art in Sky’s lobby, where two ‘Infinity Nets’ paintings by Yayoi Kusama were chosen by Joseph Moinian to complement the central Lasvit piece. Meticulous attention to creating a uniquely curated luxury experience prevails throughout the Sky building.