Laura Hammett & Bella Figura – The Facet Collection

March 29, 2021

Interior design studio Laura Hammett has collaborated with decorative lighting company Bella Figura to design The Facet Collection.

Bespoke design is integral to Laura Hammett’s approach, and this collection reflects the team’s dedication to delivering the finest quality of craftsmanship and custom-made furnishings.

The pieces are inspired by the previous popular Mayfair and Diamond collections. All pieces feature Dry Ice glass set into brushed bronze, gold or nickel metalwork.

Hammett comments: “The creation of this exciting new collection has been a natural evolution for Laura Hammett working in partnership with Bella Figura. We share similar values of only sourcing the finest materials and working to the highest standards for our discerning customers.

“We are proud to showcase pieces in our Knightsbridge project – the lighting is such an important focal feature of the key reception rooms and we see these creations as works of art in their own right. While we design the pieces to work and sit beautifully in this London project, the idea is that the lighting will sit easily in luxury homes around the world.

“The collection has been inspired by the material combination of the rich bronze paired with the soft luminous glass. I wanted to play with the form of the glass to really emphasise its qualities. the carved facetted pieces create a really subtle yet dynamic three-dimensional quality as the light travels through the different densities and the natural light in the room hits each facet of the glossy surface in such a beautiful way. I also love the scale of the pieces. Wall lights and pendants can often look very lost in a room, so I wanted to create some large forms and volumes that would become the feature of the room. To me, lighting is the showpiece in an interior.”

Ross Lloyd, Sales Director at Bella Figura adds: “We have been working on this collaboration behind the scenes for more than two years, sourcing materials direct from Italy and working with the finest craftspeople to ensure we create the most refined, exquisite final pieces. We work with family-run businesses in Venice with more than 50 years of experience in researching the latest techniques in terms of lighting and design, whilst always ensuring quality at the fore.

“An incredible amount of work goes into making these fine creations. The distinct shape of the glass is achieved through intricate pressing, while the characteristic bubbles and swirls that have become such a prominent feature of the glass are made possible only through heating the glass at the highest temperature. The pieces are then polished to perfection and the glass is inset into the iron metalwork. This is then electroplated in three finishes; brushed gold brushed nickel and brushed dark bronze, a traditional colour found across the whole Veneto region, before being finished with a protective lacquer.

“The shape of the pieces allows them to omit a warm, calming light to any room and combined with dimmers, they will complement the most luxurious of ambiences.”