Les Amis des Messina, France

January 15, 2019

The Les Amis des Messina restaurant in Paris’ rue de Réaumor was created by the Sicilian studio mf2arch in collaboration with its founder Mariano Farinella. Red brick walls and dark resin floors are the background to this charming local restaurant which is divided into three zones.

These zones are differentiated by Karman lights that mark the paths. The gastronomy area is illuminated by Biancaluce lights realised in raw cement, the cellar corner uses bone-white Gangster fixtures with a bronze interior, the open kitchen is illuminated by four Dharma lamps designed by Edmondo Testaguzza, and in the private room we find the Lucilla, a lamp with a minimalistic yet refined design.

Natural materials such as iron, wood, stone and glazed ceramic were used to create an intimate atmosphere. The large glass entrance is pierced in iron and glass and carved marble and natural wood are skilfully combined with stone and iron to create a strong contact between ancient and modern. The materials used in the project were chosen to accentuate the original features of the building and to maintain its industrial character.