LiGHT 23 announces [d]arc thoughts programme detail

August 9, 2023

LiGHT 23 wants to promote lighting specification to the whole design community, and not just to lighting designers. The show looks to encourage clients, developers, architects, and interior designers to discover how critical it is to have light at the forefront of any projects.

The show looks to highlight the importance of working with the right tools and having the right knowledge to produce the best light – and in turn the best environment for the end-user.

Aimed at designers who work with lighting in some capacity, the show and its talks programme aim to expand on topics such as understanding the effects of good and bad lighting on design schemes and the end-user, and broadening knowledge on the built environment.

The show will feature 100s of high-end lighting brands all under one roof so that residential and commercial projects of all sizes will be accommodated. Product offerings from an array of international brands will include IP-rated fixtures for bathroom and garden schemes, as well as statement decorative pieces for the hospitality market. Brands that offer bespoke solutions will also be present for clients looking for a tailored approach to a project.

LiGHT 23 will also host the highly regarded talks programme [d]arc thoughts, featuring experts from across the world of design, and moderating editors from design magazines including arc, darc, ICON, and OnOffice. The talks programme will cover topics that affect all areas of the industry, such as sustainability and circular design; designing for a global client; designing for healthy office spaces; and designing for small and large spaces, to name a few.

The show’s association partners will also support the talks programme with speakers from the likes of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID); Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID); New London Design Association (NLD); Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP); Society of Light and Lighting (SLL); and the International Association of Lighting Design (IALD).

The BIID and IALD will also be hosting members and potential new members in the Associations Lounge at the show, which will be a welcome chill out area for visiting designers throughout the two-day event. Guests can join IALD for a drink’s reception on 21 November as a part of the late-night opening and the BIID for a designers’ lunch on 22 November.

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