Light’in Agorá: Embrace Equity

The curators and WIL Italy invite you to a panel discussion and gathering of “Women in Lighting”. The aim of this evening is to celebrate Italian best practices and facilitate a conversation with the Women in Lighting network, through the Ambassadors representing WIL in other nations.

Starting with a reflection by Italian Ambassador Giorgia Brusemini, who will talk about how her approach to the profession has changed since she took on this role, a panel moderated by Helen Ankers of [d]arc media will follow. Five countries will be represented in the panel: Sabine De Shutter, Ambassador in Germany; Claudia Paz, Ambassador in Perù; Surbhi Jindal, Ambassador in India; Francesca Feltrin, Ambassador in Switzerland; Olga Tuzova, Ambassador in Russia.

The curators Giorgia Brusemini, Chiara Carucci, Martina Frattura and Giacomo Rossi conceived the ‘Light’in Agora’ project to promote a multidisciplinary design approach by bringing together Italian and international professionals. The organisers are proud and enthusiastic to collaborate with the media partners [d]arc media (arc and darc magazine) and with the supporters Helvar (platinum), formalighting (gold), Valmont Structures and LightLux (silver) for the events and gatherings.