Light’in Agorá: Find Your Light

The importance of creating opportunities for lighting professionals is undeniable. It all starts with education; not just for those who have chosen lighting as a career path, but for all. Education needs to begin much earlier, creating an awareness of the importance of light, and the industry that supports it.

Join this LIRC member meeting and Panel discussion featuring Andrea Hartranft, FIALD, President-Elect, USA; Dean Skira, IALD, Croatia; Paul Ehlert, IALD, Switzerland; Surbhi Jindal, Associate IALD, India; moderated by Martina Frattura, Jr. IALD, and Chiara Carucci, IALD Associate, LIRC Steering Committee.

The curators Giorgia Brusemini, Chiara Carucci, Martina Frattura and Giacomo Rossi conceived the ‘Light’in Agora’ project to promote a multidisciplinary design approach by bringing together Italian and international professionals. The organisers are proud and enthusiastic to collaborate with the media partners [d]arc media (arc and darc magazine) and with the supporters Helvar (platinum), formalighting (gold), Valmont Structures and LightLux (silver) for the events and gatherings.