Lodes launches Aile, Cima and Jim as part of its new 2021 collection

February 22, 2021

(Italy) – Lodes has unveiled the latest products within its 2021 collection with the addition of three the new products.

The Jim suspension lamp by multidisciplinary French designer Patrick Norguet, the Aile wall lamp by renowned Italian designer Luca Nichetto, and the Cima suspended lamp by Vienna-based Marco Dessí will all join the brand’s existing portfolio of contemporary lighting.

Following Lodes’ recent rebrand, these three designs express the company’s refreshed approach to manufacturing innovation and contemporary design, marking 2021 as a new era for the family-run brand.

Jim suspension lamp by Patrick Norguet

Inspired by the lampshades of the ateliers of the early 1900s, Jim is a system of suspension lamps with distinctive shapes and a versatile composition that suits any interior. The distinctive geometric shapes of the lampshades, contemporary colour palette and use of standard lights make Jim a fully customisable lighting piece for both residential and commercial applications.

Suspended from a self-supporting cable running through a transparent tinted methacrylate hook, Jim offers a set of four metal shades with different shapes and diameters, whilst the suspension lamp sheds direct light downwards indirectly illuminating the hook above the lampshade.

A large dome shade of 50cm is available as a single suspension lamp, while the three smaller geometric shades – cylinder, cone and bell – can be used either individually or in cluster compositions on canopies. Jim’s versatility is further enhanced by the colour range: the four different finishes (white, champagne, bronze and black) for the shades can be combined with the three different hook hues as desired (turquoise, honey and grey).

Aile by Luca Nichetto

Designed by Luca Nichetto, the Aile wall lamp features a simple design with a dynamic shape reminiscing the aileron of sport cars, after which it has been named. The warm white light is directed upwards to the wall and is then captured by the spoiler, which glows and diffuses it downwards, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Aile stands out not only for its characteristic sleek silhouette but also for its compact size (192mm length x 82mm height, protruding 100mm from the wall) making it a highly functional lamp. Aile is available in matte black and matte white, understated colours that match any décor, alongside a sophisticated champagne finish and deep lacquer red, reminiscent of the character and speed of Italian luxury fast cars.

Cima suspended lamp by Marco Dessí

Cima, a nautical rope in Italian, is inspired by the function of the jam cleats found in sailing boats. An eye-catching suspended lamp, this light is characterised by a ceiling-to-floor rope (4000mm) with an eyelet that can be fixed to the ceiling. Conceived as a sleek and highly functional design element, the rope comes with three finishes (gold, yellow and silver) to suit any interiors and décor mood. Made of polymer, the black, injection-moulded joint slides vertically along the rope and locks at any desired point. The body of the lamp connected to the joint can be swivelled to aim light in specific directions while the counterweight enables users to readjust any excess rope for lower ceilings.