Louis Poulsen – Panthella

March 11, 2022

To celebrate 50 years of Danish Architect Verner Panton’s iconic Panthella lamp, in 2021 Louis Poulsen introduced the new Panthella 320 table lamp in medium size to suit contemporary spaces.

The Panthella has been recognised worldwide as one of Verner Panton’s most popular designs. Its non-glaring light and soft geometric mushroom silhouette continues to serve as a beautiful example of his fantastic sense of atmospheric illumination and timelessly appealing design. 

Speaking of the design process, the Louis Poulsen team says: “Working with design heritage such as the Panthella family is a continuing process. We always explore the possibilities of updating or further developing the design both in terms of technical innovation but also the design itself, such as size and materials, to keep the design alive and relevant today.

“With the 50th anniversary of the product we thought it was perfect timing for updating and expanding this beloved family of lamps.” 

The new Panthella Table 320 joins the existing Panthella Mini and Panthella Table 400 to create a range of intriguing table lamps that seamlessly accommodate the functional requirements of a variety of spaces. With the Panthella Table in three sizes, the perfect dimensions are available to provide any surface with beautiful, soft light in an iconic design. 

Panthella 320 is a medium size table lamp that meets the functional requirements of contemporary spaces. The size is perfect for smaller homes as a city apartment or a modern family house. 

It was important the team took care and paid close attention to the original design when working on the new size for Panthella 320. “The Panthella design is simple and logical, yet up and downscaling the product must be done with great care and humility to the original design,” says the team. “The proportions must be right, and the materials are carefully chosen to emit the light perfectly. 

“The most challenging aspect of developing the Panthella 320, along with the other new Panthella family members, is to preserve an authentic expression of the design while improving the quality according to the technical possibilities that we have today. The shade is harmoniously balanced on top of the foot without any undesirable shadows from the light source.”

The new medium sized Panthella 320 is initially launched with a white opal acrylic shade and metal shade in high-lustre chrome, just as Panton’s original design was. It, along with the new Mini version, is available in a new brass metallised finish featuring a metal shade. All metal options come with white inner sides for optimum light reflection, while the opal acrylic version produces a diffuse comfortable light through its translucent shade. 

The brass metallised finish brings warmth and reflections to the surrounding space. Made of metal with a mirrored quality, the new finish references Panton’s fascination with new materials and vibrant colours that add to the distinctive playfulness of interiors. The metallic finish allows Panthella to expand its functionality and create eclectic reflections and depth, while amplifying its organic shape. 

The medium Panthella is available with a 320mm diameter shade and an E14 light source. 

The Panthella 320 is an adaptable table lamp. It can be placed low on side tables in a lounge area giving ambient light, or it can be placed higher on a shelf emitting soft light and yet bringing a decorative element in the interior. 

The Panthella 320 is also very suitable for repetitive use or grand scale projects in a hospitality environment such as restaurants, lobby areas or hotel rooms. The lamp brings character and ambience to any interior.