Louis Poulsen announces new release

August 23, 2018

(Denmark) – Louis Poulsen releases new black version of the Enigma Light.

The Enigma pendant – originally released in white – will now be released in a new black edition available in all three Enigma sizes. The Enigma’s bold, sculptural form and soft, controlled, glare-free LED light evenly illuminates surfaces and surroundings, making it ideal in entryways, hallways, and living areas, as well as above dining room tables, kitchen bars and islands.

“The new, black version will fit well in subdued or white interior spaces, with a unique appeal different from the original, frosted version,” says Shoichi Uchiyama. As with the white Enigma pendant, Uchiyama says, “I want people feel various aspects of beauty from the floating and expressive shades, which look different depending on where and when they are used, or the angle from which they are seen.”

Describing how he created the ideal distribution of light in what is essentially a transparent form, Uchiyama explains, “Enigma uses matt-finished acrylic – a new, completely glare-free material – to create ideal light distribution, where light is given in a downward direction, and reflections from the shades diffuse in upward and horizontal directions as well. With the thin wires, I also succeeded in making the shades appear as though they are floating in the air.”