Lucie Koldova makes Das Haus 2018 a poetic experiment on light

February 22, 2018

(Germany) – Lucie Koldova’s Das Haus installation brings light to the forefront.

Lucie Koldova was guest of honor at Das Haus 2018. The young Czech designer from Prague is known for her extraordinary flair in designing lighting fixtures and lighting effects. For the seventh year running, imm cologne has invited an international designer to use architecture, interior design and furniture in a simulated house in order to make a personal statement about contemporary living.

“Following the transatlantic ‘Haus’ by Todd Bracher, we are returned to Europe with Lucie Koldova, and turned our attention to the Czech Republic – the home of superb glassware”, reveals the Creative Director of imm cologne, Dick Spierenburg. “We were particularly impressed with her lamp designs. They reveal an ideal combination of materials like wood, brass and copper with the lustrous quality of glass that has been blown to the limits of what is technically possible – they are remarkable.”

In 2010, shortly after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, she achieved her international breakthrough with her glass lamp collection Muffins (for Brokis), produced in collaboration with Dan Yeffet in Paris. Their simple, elegant, sensual form and the attention to detail highlight the fine materials used and their high-quality workmanship. The designer’s knowledge and appreciation of the craft of glass production are expressed particularly strongly when combined with wood, marble or onyx. Lucie Koldova has been named “Czech Designer of the Year” and “Elle Decoration Talent”.

The designer moved 2009 from Prague to Paris where she founded the Lucie Koldova Studio in 2010. She works for prestigious companies in the lighting and furniture sector including Brokis, Per/Use, La Chance and Haymann Editions. 2012, Koldova returned to Prague where she settled down. Today, the 34-year-old is still working with her studio based in the city on the River Vltava. Her selection as the guest of honour for Das Haus gave the designer from the Czech Republic a unique opportunity to realise the full potential of a structure’s interior design through the use of artificial or artistically arranged light.

Das Haus 2018 was shaped less by walls than by lighting cells in which light, appearing in various forms and controlled in different ways, not only mark out the space, but also support its function and a specific sentiment. “In my ‘Haus’, light plays the main role, and the furniture completes the rooms – and not the other way around!”, says Lucie Koldova.

By creating different light layouts and specific light feelings of each lighting cells, Koldova reached interesting visual contradictions. “People constantly swing back and forth between their feelings and moods, at home they should feel balanced and recharged. This is a place where light can help”, says Koldova. “An ideal living space therefore offers a wide variety of mood levels, because its rooms close the circle between the ideas in our emotional world and the demands of real life.” As a result, every room in Koldova’s “Haus” aimed to represent a certain feeling and perform a practical role in everyday life in order to satisfy individual needs. Then, at its heart, a living room represents shared experiences.