Gabriel Scott – Luna Kaleido

December 14, 2021

What is the concept behind the Kaleido product? Was the idea proposed to you / did you create the collection for a specific commission?

The Luna Kaleido collection is the second chapter of Gabriel Scott’s best-selling Luna range. The customisable modular series includes two stackable glass lighting fixtures: a horizontal chandelier and a vertical pendant. The mouthblown glass beads can be ‘strung’ together in any order to create a bespoke glowing piece of lighting for someone’s home, hotel, super yacht or restaurant project. We always say our designs are inspired by jewellery and this one is no exception. 

Inspired by a kaleidoscope, which comes from the Greek words for kalos (beautiful), eidos (form), and skopeo (to look at), the Luna Kaleido is an exploration of different glass-blowing techniques. The glass shapes have been designed to offer infinite interpretations of tone, shape and refracted light. When stacked, the lights become a glass mosaic with varying tones and patterns.

Playing with texture, colour and shape to distort light and create magical optical illusions when looking through the glass, the Kaleido Collection combines soft iridescent colours with patterned textures and delicately shaped glass beads.

How long have you been working on the collection?

This has been in the making for over a year but most intensely being perfected for four months. 

What was the most challenging aspect of producing Kaleido?

Our main challenge was to reinterpret and modernise old glass techniques and then apply them to our existing Luna Series. It took several rounds of trialling various textures, colours and shapes to ensure the right finishes were added to the final collection.

The Lyra glass bead (smoked bronze, twisted) and Cygnus glass bead (opaque blue, twisted), seen here on the Kaleido Large pendant, are just two of six new shapes, all named after constellations – Dorado, Lyra, Aras, Cygnus, Orion and Carina.

Tell me about the design process and materials used.

The Luna Kaleido’s design is in keeping with the studio’s overall design principles: versatile aesthetic, customisable and timeless. The collection’s design is considerate of all demographics and design environments and whether the client wants to opt for a single or double chandelier or a hanging pendant, the range is fully customisable with texture, colour and shape options. 

Glass and metal are core materials we use as a brand and are what have been used for the Luna Kaleido collection. For structural reasons, we work with plated steel as opposed to the raw material. We enjoy working with glass for its versatility, which allows us to play with texture, opacity as well as shape.  

I work closely with our Head of Design, Nicolas Pomerleau, as well as a design team consisting of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers to create and oversee each piece in the collection from inception to production. From a sketch to a 3D model and then to a prototype, our team has developed a creative and effective way to work together, from anywhere in the world. 

What kind of projects is the Luna Kaleido collection suitable for?

This is the first time that we have specifically focused on textures and colours, and the extensive options available mean they can work in residential, commercial or hospitality environments.

Describe this pendant in three words.

Purity of glass.