LWL Museum, Germany

May 6, 2015

After a perennial construction period the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Munster was re-opened in September 2014. Now housing a library, auditorium, bookshop and restaurant, the carefully constructed lighting concept by Licht Kunst Licht offers flexible exhibition illumination for both daytime and evening settings.

The lighting concept for the restaurant was developed in close coordination with the architects and the restaurant’s tenant, aiming to offer two distinct luminous qualities. Decorative pendant luminaires along the patio façade from Filumen and from Graypants in the refractory facing the Rothenburg Square, generate a friendly and bright light atmosphere for the daytime use as a café.

In the evening hours, the light is transformed in order to create a more introverted, romantic spatial ambience, as the pendant luminaire can be strongly dimmed in order to fade into the background. At the same time, Flos’ adjustable downlights act to direct punctual light on the tables. As an additional third light source, LED Linear’s light strips executed in RGB are integrated underneath the benches and bar furniture producing a soft vertical illumination on the walls.

Between the various suppliers involved and Licht Kunst Licht’s concept, the restaurant space glides seamlessly through the day providing ambient lighting in morning and evening for the LWL Museum visitors to relax and reflect on their immersion in German art and culture.


Pics: Marcus Ebener

Project Details: LWL Museum for Art and Culture, Munster, Germany

Client: LWL Museum for Art and Culture

Lighting Design: Licht Kunst Licht

Lighting Suppliers: Flos, Graypants, LED Linear, Filumen