LZF – Omma

January 19, 2023

Designed by Eli Gutiérrez, Omma is an inventive lamp, like a tree with fluttering leaves full of light. In Gutierrez’s prepossessing design, it is almost possible to imagine the lamp’s movable wood veneer, artfully edged with metal, flapping in a gentle breeze. Omma is available as a suspension lamp (with one, two, three, and four leaves), a table lamp (with either one or two leaves),  a floor lamp (with a single leaf), and a wall lamp (with a single leaf). Individual leaves will rotate up to 180º, allowing the user to create a range of lighting moods.

The Omma family of lights are available in several wood veneer colours: natural white, natural beech, and natural cherry. The lamp’s metal finishes (used to create the spine and to edge the wood veneer modules) include: matte black, matte ivory, and gold.