Marie Sixtine, France

February 26, 2016

French fashion label Marie Sixtine calls on Parisian interior design group Studio Janréji to coat its Paris-based store in soft hues and a spring-like air.

Resembling a sketch of a Parisian apartment, Marie Sixtine’s store in Paris, France, is designed with a fresh interior by Studio Janréji. Holding a bohemian chic air, the store’s feminine clothing create a conversation with the exuberant daylight streaming in through large windows and softer illumination sprinkling down from porcelain lamps.

Quietly decadent with a refined style illustrated by a delicate selection of raw materials, the store envelops guests in a breeze of muted colours and feminine accessories. Porcelain lighting pieces designed by French artists Axelle Sabatier and Louis Barbaray were produced by Studio Janréji to reflect the gentle sophistication of Marie Sixtine’s collections. Suspended from the ceiling, the porcelain hives are associated with a selection of vintage designs and contemporary furniture, also designed by Studio Janréji with the help of interior stylist Sandrine Place.

The soft and subtle graduation of off whites, pastel pinks and raw materials are specifically highlighted by iGuzzini’s Palco LED spotlights lined around the porcelain installations, directed at the clothing and display tables that stand strikingly on the herringbone floorboards. The store also features a small seating area for those waiting for their shopping companions. To provide more direct illumination for this area, DCW Éditions rediscovered an old floor lamp design by Bernard Schottlander from the 1950’s, which was put back into production a few years ago. The lamp leers over the cushioned seats, standing as beautiful ornament and functional product. In such a gentle combination of lighting and attention to soft, clean detail, Studio Janreji provides the most enjoyable experience in both shopping and design.

Image credit: Julie Ansiau