MAX Hamburgerrestaurant, Sweden

September 5, 2017

MAX Hamburgerrestaurant is Sweden’s oldest and fastest growing hamburger restaurant, established in 1968. By using honest materials such as wood, metal, stone and leather Wingårdh Arkitektkontor has translated the architectural space to better reflect the high quality food served at MAX every day.

The architects decided to play with volumes, creating rooms within rooms, both exterior and interior. Being a family business, MAX wants to be a sustainable company in a sustainable society, leading and creating an example in the industry. As a part of the environmental aspect, lighting brand BLOND was tasked with creating custom luminaires for the new concept. Being a family owned company too, with their production facilities in Sweden, sustainability has always been part of the very core of BLOND. By keeping the manufacturing process within its own walls, and utilising a high-effective LED lightsource, BLOND has been able to create luminaires for this project that reflect the environmental and social responsibility that is part of the MAX legacy.