Mix&Match – Foscarini

November 11, 2019

Foscarini introduces Mix&Match, a new system designed to offer a more personalised and versatile lighting solution. As its name suggests, Mix&Match allows you to choose from and combine a variety of elements – five diffusers, four functions, and three colours – to create lamps that are perfect both as individual pieces and together in compositions. 

It starts with choosing the diffuser size and style from Gem, Gregg, and Rituals; collections that are all crafted in blown glass. Then according to function, you choose from floor, table, wall, or suspension options, and finally, select the support in white, gold, or graphite grey according to taste and design style.

The choice of diffuser defines the character and aesthetics of the lamp. In Foscarini’s collections, blown glass is always reinterpreted in a contemporary key, challenging the complexities of the thousand-year-old craft process and enhancing its expressive potential through skilful craftsmanship. Gem, Gregg and Rituals are the result of experimentation and research on this versatile material; mouth-blown glass whose distinctive material and aesthetic qualities were developed in collaboration with Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

Gem is characterised by a graphic, undulating pattern of 3D facets across its surface, making the lamp unmistakable even when switched off. Gregg is characterised by its vaguely organic, familiar shape; one which does not reflect pure geometry, but is inspired by nature, like a stone polished by water. Rituals, with irregular horizontal glass engravings across its surface, diffuses a warm, vibrant light and evokes a material effect suggestive of Eastern paper lanterns.

The colour of the support harmonises and enriches the environment. Mix&Match’s three colour tones – white, gold and graphite, all in opaque finishings – allow for different combinations, matching each tone to different functions and diffusers. Gold never goes unnoticed and is capable of characterising a space even with few details. Graphite, contrasting with the white of the glass diffuser, conveys an essential and concrete character. White, versatile and fresh, enhances light in its most primary dimension and easily blends with any interior. 

Foscarini’s Mix&Match system expresses a sartorial lighting concept, developed to offer a more intimate moment of light.