Myrna – Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

May 2, 2019

(USA) – Myrna stemmed from a collaborative commission from fellow designer Giancarlo Valle in 2018, when he approached Ladies & Gentlemen Studio with an intriguing request:  challenge the traditional chandelier archetype while defining the dining space of his open loft home.  The result was the Myrna Wall Mobile, a gestural variation on a swing arm lamp, made from blackened brass, tinted glass, and an oversized oval shade made from perforated steel.

The counterweighted armature allows flexibility in the light’s position, creating a positionable warm, embracing cast of light over the designated area. Myrna’s broad shade form is inspired by actress Myrna Loy’s signature floppy hats, an elegantly strong and simple form created from a gently bent piece of sheet material. 

The structured, but organic shape has a remarkable ability to create an embracing gesture within larger surroundings making it perfect for dining and sitting areas.  The shade also allows for an abundant array of material options from perforated aluminium, brass and stainless steel to a lovely bent glass.  Each glass shade is formed from uniquely patterned art glass sheets and given a velvety surface finish resulting in an intriguing materiality that’s thin and translucent with a stone-like pattern and hand.

Myrna is available in an angle adjustable pendant, sconce, flush-mount ceiling, and wall mobile format in a variety of materials.