Nea Studio introduces Algae Lamps

August 29, 2019

(USA) – New lighting range uses green marine algae to produce original sculptural pieces.

Designer Nina Edwards Anker has found the correct formula for treating the green marine algae (Chlorophyta) so that it becomes firm yet flexible, to ensure durability. The material retains its original organic nature, translucency and colour.

A versatile product, algae shades can be grouped in different ways to form chandeliers; they also function on their own as table lamps or sconces. Algae lights are customisable and available in a variety of shapes and finishes, including brass.
While other designers have experimented with seaweed through weaving, dying, pleating, gold-plating and embroidering, Nea Studio stays true to the nature and beauty of the raw material. When dried and moulded into basic shapes, the material retains its integrity.

Nea Studio plans to develop many innovative variations on this theme in the near future.