New Lighting Collection from Astro

September 14, 2023

Astro Lighting has recently launched a new collection using contemporary lighting concepts for hospitality, residential and commercial spaces.

The collection showcases enduring materials such as translucent porcelain and highlights functional and flexible applications, including portable and plug-in options. In addition, Astro now offer ‘Made to Order’ to provide for flexibility and choice for customers.

The new collection offers two new ranges of complete floor, table, wall and wall-mounted reading lights for cohesive lighting schemes. The Venn range brings warm ambient lighting and focused task lighting, ideal for hospitality guest rooms. All Venn lights are inspired by minimalist architecture.

The second rage, Leda, distinctive cylindrical shade is available separately in a range of ‘Made to Order ‘modern finishes. The fixture uses replaceable, long-lasting GU10 lamps, enabling full flexibility in the choice of light colour and brightness.  Leda’s lamp head features an innovative, heat-dispersing design which maximises the lifespan of the lamp.

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