New Plumen lamp range

June 24, 2019

(UK) – Lamp pioneers Plumen launch a new type of LED that recaptures some of the wonder of traditional fixtures.

The new ‘Milky’ range creates an optical illusion, with the LED filament seeming to magically float in the centre of the lamp – an effect lost with the banning of the incandescent lamp. 

Emitting a calming, warm white light, the Milky lamps are ideal for relaxing light, designed for bedrooms, living rooms, bars and restaurants.

A special ‘Milky’ finish that allows an LED filament to magically float in thin air has been developed by Plumen for this range. The magical filament only appears when the lamp is on. Switched off, the striking silhouettes of their new lamps create pieces of art in their own right. Switched on, the delicate floating filament magically appears, creating a mysterious optical illusion.

The new Milky finish, the result of two years research and development, has been applied to Willow and Wilma, two original Plumen designs showcasing the latest in LED filament technology.

During the switch from incandescent to LED technology, many consumers believe some of the magic of lamps was lost, leaving LEDs with an un-deserved reputation for being a lesser lamp. While there’s no doubt LED is better than incandescent in every regard, Plumen was always looking for ways to re-ignite this missing spark and finally end any remaining resistance to LED.

Designed as a pair, Willow and Wilma’s silhouettes hang harmoniously in series or clusters. Together, they create striking chandeliers, casting enchanted glows from their magical floating filaments.

Co-founder & Creative Director Nicolas Roope says: “We’ve spent a long time perfecting this special milky finish. Plumen is always chasing the sublime, searching for the magical and enigmatic effects that transform the domestic light bulb into a poetic work of art.”

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