New releases from Ingo Maurer

January 22, 2020

(Germany) – Ingo Maurer presents b.blub, Tubular and ‘Flames is all I see’ at imm Cologne.

Presented as part of the Design Post Cologne, b.bulb extends the existing ‘bulb’ family, with a small battery version of the luminaire. Maurer’s first lamp, ‘Bulb’ from 1966 was the basis for the creative work of the late lighting designer and the icon from the Pop Art era changed the perception of the light bulb – with the oversized light bulb fixture added to the MOMA collection in New York in 1969.

The 20cm tall b.bulb is a battery-variant of the Bulb family, meets mobile requirements and thanks to Dim to Warm technology, the right light can be used in any environment. The battery can be easily replaced, the shatterproof glass diffuser is available as a spare part and elements of the fixture, such as the chrome-plated aluminium base and glass diffuser can be disassembled and recycled.

Free-floating and delicate, the glass tube luminaire Tubular features LEDs that unfold along the glass diffuser like threaded pearls. Making use of an uprocessed borosilicate glass tube, which is placed in loops with its open fire-polished ends softly embedded, inside the fixture, a graceful construction of lamellas reflects the light in all directions. The light source is hidden behind the luminous structure and the countless points of light appear like a mystical reflection in the glass.

A soft textile cable wraps around the tube and works as the suspension point, but also as the point for the alignment of the light. The curved loop of the textile cable creates a contrast to the straight-line look of the tube. It is a design element, but also a functional one. In a second, more puristic version, the cable is not looped around the tube, but sinks straight into the glass tube. A versatile product, Tubular can be rotated 360° and is suitable as downlight, uplight or wallwasher. The luminaire is dimmable and customers can choose the colour of the textile cable. 

The chandelier “Flames is all I see” was created in cooperation with Buschfeld Design. The popular ‘Flying Flames’, previously designed by Moritz Waldemeyer for Ingo Maurer, are mounted on Buschfeld light rails. As modern chandeliers they form an extraordinary lighting installation, which was designed for the entrance hall of the Design Post during imm Cologne.