Nh – Artemide

June 3, 2019

Nh continues the study of the dynamic interaction of expertise, details, materials, form, and light that Neri&Hu is developing with Artemide. A white blown glass sphere slides along a brushed brass ring, which allows it to take different positions and to freely adjust and direct the diffuser. The frame becomes a support, a hook to hang the appliance to the wall, or a handle promoting an interaction with light. Starting from this first element Neri & Hu developed a series of structures to bring light into space. 

After the wall version and the two suspensions with linear support elements presented in 2018, the family expands with more complex structures that accommodate spheres of different sizes. The glass sphere with hook is avaliable in three diameters (14, 22, 35cm). The new structures draw curved geometries and create a graphic balance of elements on which the luminous spheres are free to move and bring the light to different positions. The selected materials represent a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, as well as the expression of responsible and sustainable design, also conveyed by the use of a low consumption retrofit LED source. 

Like all the projects designed by Neri&Hu, Nh offers a reinterpretation of South Asian culture and tradition with a constant contemporary approach. 

Nh is operated intuitively as a reference to the use of lanterns, and allows freedom in creating countless lightscapes. It is an essential, versatile element, suited to illuminate a variety of contexts in a simple and poetic manner. With surprising lightness and elementary movements Nh creates a landscape of elements generating – either individually or combined with each other – a non-static balanced composition characterised by elegant colour and material matching. 

Nh becomes a family of elements: starting with the table version, Neri & Hu designed two suspensions and one wall lamp. The most basic version features a clamp for wall fixings and in the suspension version, a light metal rod is hung horizontally and supports the brass ring that holds the sphere. The base element of Nh thus moves freely in space, the luminous sphere is free to slide and take light to different positions. This structure is then repeated on three levels in a cluster element that also introduces the possibility of changing the angles generated between the rods: one of the suspension cables is shared by the three rods, whereas the other can be set freely in space to define the overall geometry.

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