Nightbloom – Lladró

May 8, 2019

Coinciding with Euroluce 2019, Lladró announced the launch of Nightbloom in collaboration with celebrated Dutch design studio Marcel Wanders. This collection of white porcelain chandeliers is inspired by the way the petals of a flower delicately dance in the wind and breeze. Sculpted by hand with a sense of natural randomness, each 3D-relief part of the bouquet lamp is a unique and unrepeatable handcrafted creation.

As a world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of porcelain art creations, Lladró has partnered with Marcel Wanders to create a marriage between the lightness and surface details of flower petals with the beauty of matte porcelain.

“Working with Lladró, we were able to combine its unique craft processes with our goal of bringing the past into the contemporary moment to make something exquisite and beautiful for the home,” says Wanders.

“Our inspiration came from visiting Lladró itself and understanding the beauty behind the scenes, to see the culture behind the brand and the figurines – it is about the beauty of this craft.”

The light sculptures freeze a moment in time yet simultaneously express movement. What you see here is that through this same type of work with porcelain you see a lamp that is moving when it is not. The light works in conduction with the fine porcelain and shines through to create depth.