NYCxDesign win for Stickbulb

May 31, 2019

(USA) – Stickbulb receives coveted Best in Show Award for new collection, Chime at NYCxDesign 2019.

New York design studio Rux has extended its modular Stickbulb series with a chandelier modelled on a large wind chime.

A series of wooden rods featuring LED strips screw onto powder-coated steel rings to form the light. However, they appear to hang freely, in the formation of a windchime.

Stickbulb’s products are all made in-house at the brand’s Long Island City studio, and predominantly use reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood.

For Chime, the designers have used redwood reclaimed from a water tower recently demolished in the city. Other options include sustainably sourced American walnut and maple, and ebonised oak.

Chime is available in three sizes including 20, 28 and 36 inches, which can either be hung individually or clustered together into cascading forms.

The rods can be twisted individually to reveal the LED outward or inward, depending on the amount of light the user desires.