Osak, Turkey

September 14, 2016

Through this project, ARTI Interior Architecture wanted to reflect Osak’s personality as a Turkish building company with a long history focussed on providing quality service with cutting-edge technology, and as such approached it with function and elegance at the forefront of its design.

Also working as a reflection of Osak’s vision for its employees and work, lead interior designer Ipek Toplu Bilgic worked closely with architectural group Hatirli & Hatirli to create a concept capitalising on transparency, light and reflection.

Set back from the adjacent avenue, the building’s most noticeable external feature is the well-lit entrance that creates an interesting and inviting welcome at first glance. With different materials all coming together in the front façade, the building stands as an architectural statement that reflects the ambition and capabilities of the firm housed within.

Bilgic asked three partners to join her in this project; a Turkish stained glass artist Zehra Talay, a Turkish painter Funda Iyce, and lighting supplier Tepta, which supported Bilgic in creating a unique experience through Brand van Egmond lighting sculptures.

“I had used Brand van Egmond sculptures on two residential projects before, and I chose them again for this office because of their sculptural qualities,” commented Bilgic.

The Hollywood chandelier and Crystal Waters suspension lamp seen in both galleries were chosen for their iconic character and transparency.

Having designed both the interior and exterior scheme of the office, Bilgic said: “I placed Crystal Waters at the glass entrance. At night, Osak leave the lights on to enhance the night view of the building. Crystal Waters creates a strong sculptural image towards the whole exterior of the front façade.”

Holding light as the most important aspect of any interior, Biglic’s view towards lighting in an office project emphasises its significance in terms of personal impact. “Lighting totally changes the ambiance of an interior. If a working area doesn’t have the right light, it decreases the motivation of employees, especially in areas where the light should be more homogenous than bright.”

Brand van Egmond’s sculptural pieces selected in a collaborative effort between ARTI and Tepta, work here to emit notions of luxury, reflecting the style of Osak’s work and what it aims to achieve for its employees and clients. Decorative lighting is key in this portrayal for Osak’s staff to be surrounded by what they aim to create.