Panzeri opens first branch abroad

September 27, 2016

(Germany) – The Brianza-based company will open a space in Munich dedicated to products and design in the core of the German industry.

Panzeri chose Munich to oversee Germany, one of its key markets for export. The branch of the Biassono company will open in November, in the central and prestigious Karlsplatz with the goal of improving the brand’s positioning and distribution in Germany. Panzeri has chosen to create an ad hoc company with a local partner, Panzeri&Partners to achieve these goals.

Its presence in Germany is consistent with the internationalisation of Panzeri, also reiterated in recent interviews issued by Federico Panzeri, Export Manager. The family business continues to increase sales abroad (Austria, Germany, USA, Canada and Russia), without losing its appeal in Italy.

Panzeri lighting products ‘Made in Brianza’ can be found in the German subsidiary, a dedicated location of over 300sqm, creative design and stylish furniture and accessories, as well as requesting design consultancy and lighting technology. It serves as a space for integration for different categories of professionals in the field of lighting and interior design.

Monaco was chosen because of its role as a point of reference, including all of Bavaria, in the field of lighting in Germany. The German vision of the corporate web site, which is still the main tool used by Panzeri to communicate, will be online by the end of 2016 to support the new branch.