Paris-Gare De L’est Hotel, France

November 6, 2015

Hungarian interior designer Zsofia Varnagy and German architect Axel Schoenert of architectural agency Axel Schoenert architectes created their so-called ‘global interior concept’, the spring spirit, for its interior design scheme at the Paris-Gare de l’Est Hotel. Commissioned by the Paris Inn Group to refurbish the hotel, the pair created an interior in harmony with the architectural concept embodying spring’s energy and brightness, providing a moment of pure wellbeing all year round in the heart of Paris, France.

As specialists in hotel design, one of Axel Schoenert architectes’ goals was to enhance the previously dim lighting of the hotel. As part of the spring spirit, every detail of design from the organic and vegetal shaped chairs to the bright pendant and floor lamps, reminds guests of the freshness and brilliance of spring, showcasing the colours specially chosen to embody this concept.

Entering through the hotel’s lobby, guests are greeted with several Soleil ceiling lights by Foscarini, used to embody spring’s energy. Small suns illuminate the hall, immediately placing visitors into a welcoming and comfortable environment. The custom made reception desk has been designed with an integrated LED lighting feature. The butterfly pattern symbolises spring and spreads out with finesse on the reception desk, with a backlight giving a fine and elegant appearance. This is a stylistic signature of Axel Schoenert architectes that can be found in many of their projects.

Moving up to the hotel’s bedrooms, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s Tatou S1 suspension lamps from her Tatou collection for Flos are suspended above the tables, while the bed head is enhanced using Wever & Ducré LEENS ceiling spotlights, highlighting the texture of the headboard. Lucera’s made to measure Bedlite reading lamps allow guests to read in a comfortable light.

Alongside the Tatou S1 ceiling pendants, Urquiola’s Tatou F floor and Tatou T1 table lights are also used around the bedrooms. Designed like a beehive, with colours and waves to embody spring, these additions provide further gentle yet bright illumination in the rooms. Lumina’s Flo bedside lamps appear on the desks underneath the TV for close-up illumination, while the ensuite bathrooms feature made to measure mirrors equipped with DMP’s LED lights designed by Varnagy.

While enjoying a spot of spring at the Paris-Gare de l’Est Hotel, guests can venture down from their rooms to the hotel’s restaurant for a light breakfast or an evening meal and a drink at the bar before venturing out into the Parisian capital. Italian designer Fabbian’s Ray collection illuminates the dining area above each table, emitting a cosy light for a gentle dining ambience. The bar’s lighting also generates a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, while keeping the overall spirit of spring, with Italian lighting designer Contardi’s Cornelia collection of ceiling lights above the counter.

As well as aesthetics, Axel Schoenert architectes had a number of requirements from the operator regarding the environment, and implemented several measures to save energy; LED lights are used throughout the hotel. In the rooms, all lighting fixtures are controlled with energy saver keycard switches, turning everything on when entering the room. Varnagy and Schoenert worked together with the operators to adapt the lighting to meet the needs of all involved parties, with some lighting fixtures used to enhance design, such as the integrated LED butterfly on the reception desk. In the lobby and the corridors, separate lighting scenarios were created for day, evening and night to ensure no light is wasted and over-used.

In glowing luminosity, the Paris-Gare de l’Est Hotel houses a bright, optimistic interior, ensuring guests enjoy a warm, spring-like stay no matter what time of year.

Pics: Luc Boegly