PLDC 2017 Call for Papers begins

September 6, 2016

(France) – Prospective contributors invited to submit papers dealing with recent findings, achievements or professional issues in field of light and lighting design.

As previously announced, effective 1 September 2016, the PLDC 2017 Call for Papers has begun.

This Call for Papers addresses both experienced practising professional lighting designers as well as the new generation of lighting professionals, plus dedicated researchers and educators, industry representatives and professionals from related disciplines whose work affects and involves professional lighting designers. PLDC is an educational event which encourages lighting professionals to share their insight and know-how, and where even the most skilled masters of the art can learn from newcomers.

The sixth Professional Lighting Design Convention will be held in Paris, France from 1-4 November 2017, following in the footsteps of the previous series of PLDC events to date: PLDC 2007 in London/UK, PLDC 2009 in Berlin/D, PLDC 2011 in Madrid/E, PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen/DK and PLDC 2015 in Rome/I.

The convention will address topics of concern and interest to lighting designers and lighting professionals worldwide, inviting them to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas and network on a platform that goes beyond national boundaries and regional associations’ work.

The Convention comprises a three-day conference with Keynote Speakers, presented papers, self-running poster presentations, a manufacturers’ exhibition, social and cultural evening events, organised moderated discussions, Experience Rooms, excursions, Round IV of The Challenge, and a Gala Dinner at which outstanding achievements in lighting design will be recognised. Pre-convention meetings prior to the conference will be dedicated to the further pursuit of the recognition of the profession and include sessions for educators and researchers, as well as discussion and debate on professional issues. A new-format Cities’ Forum will also be held, addressing lighting designers, city representatives, city planners, researchers and industry representatives.

The convention will officially open with a reception on 1 November and close with the Gala Dinner on 4 November, 2017.

The conference will comprise six Keynote Speakers, approximately 72 presented papers and around 20 electronic posters. All presentations will be held in English.

Prospective contributors are invited to submit papers dealing with recent findings, achievements or professional issues in the field of light and lighting design. The papers should be relevant to the following tracks:

Research (papers in fields such as Light and Health, Lighting Sustainability, Light and the Environment, Urban Development and Lighting, Light and Economic Issues, Light and Perception, Light and Psychology etc.). The papers will have a time frame of 20 minutes.

Lighting Application Case Studies (presentation of completed projects in interior and exterior lighting, demonstrating original approaches, uses of novel technologies, implementation of research findings, etc.). The papers will have a time frame of 45 minutes, including Q&A time.

Professional Practice Issues (status quo of the Architectural Lighting Design profession, Professional Deontology, Scope of Work, Best Practice examples, Cultural Context, Lighting Design Company and Human Resources Management, Lighting Education, Marketing, Risk Management, Business Administration, New Regulations and Guidelines, etc.). The papers will have a time frame of 45 minutes, including Q&A time.

Urban Life 4.0 (papers on light and light art in the urban realm, Lighting Festivals, Masterplans, spaces and sites, use of new technologies and Media Façades, interaction design, development of inner city spaces, working and living in different cities, project examples, social responsibility, security, etc.). The papers will have a time frame of 45 minutes, including Q&A time.

Research & Development (a dedicated track for the industry, the opportunity to present findings and research projects from the Industry’s point of view). The papers will have a time frame of 20 minutes. 

Previously published/presented papers will not be accepted.

All papers are expected to be at a professional level and target a professional audience.

As an addition to the conference papers, the organisers will again offer Experience Rooms / Spaces. These rooms will invite and encourage attendees to actively experience light (and darkness) through different topics of interest to gain first-hand information, benefit educationally, and add to their personal and professional values and preferences when it comes to light and space. Proposed Experience Rooms will also need to go through the Call for Papers and be evaluated by the independent jury.

The Experience Rooms / Spaces will be opened on the three main conference days, from 8.30 to 18.30 on conference days.

All contributions are to be submitted in electronic format, along with the completion of the form on the PLDC website – – and follow instructions for uploading the requested material.

Abstracts should be submitted in English: 350 words minimum and 700 words maximum.

Prospective contributors should state their preference for the paper to be presented as a lecture or shown as a self-running poster presentation. The submissions will be blind-reviewed by the independent Paper Reviewing Committee who will evaluate the submissions and advise on the acceptance of a paper and whether a submitted paper should be presented orally or as a poster presentation. Decisions on the programme are not subject to legal appeal.

The deadline for all submissions is 18 November, 2016, 23.00 / 11 pm GMT.

Authors/speakers will be informed on the decision by VIA Events by 13 February, 2017.

For the preparation of the Proceedings for the event, and to support the preparation of the technical backup (computer network) selected authors/speakers will be required to forward their completepresentations in written format by 30 June, 2017 and in PowerPoint format by 31 July, 2017.

Information indicating required formats will be supplied in a Speaker’s / Poster Presenter’s Agreement. Authors of selected papers in all tracks will receive a free entry ticket to the convention (value € 675). This ticket does not include the gala dinner.

For the full Call for Papers and to submit a paper, click here