Plumen launches new modular chandelier

November 1, 2016

(UK) – Plumen launches a new modular chandelier making it easy for customers to create unique and impressive lighting centrepieces.

After recent launches of the Plumen 003 bulb and WattNott filament LED range, Plumen is back with the Plumen Chandelier, designed for anyone looking to build their own dramatic lighting installation. The Plumen team developed Spacers, a clever and affordable way to build bespoke, standalone lighting centrepieces without the use of ceiling hooks.

The Spacers are the key to creating a chandelier. They are assembled into a frame which holds the cables in position and creates the internal structure of the chandelier. Combined with a multi-cable ceiling rose, the can hold three or four pendants. The spacers are easy to assemble and attach to the pendant cable. They can grip at any angle, allowing the installer to create geometric forms and interesting dynamics to suit their space.

The chandeliers work as part of a fully modular system, customisable to match any lighting and design design needs with three levels of modularity available.

The Chandelier Set offers an all-in-one lighting solution that allows customers to create beautiful and impressive centrepieces from Plumen’s modular range.

The Chandelier Kit is the ideal solution for customers who want to push their customisation even further. They are made up on a three-way or four-way ceiling roses and a set of matching Spacers. They can be used with or without Plumen products, offering infinite creative possibilities.

The Spacers are the ultimate accessory to create a bespoke chandelier. Customers can purchase the spacers as individual units, in sets of three for a triangle formations, or in fours for a square arrangement.