Podolyan, Ukraine

September 11, 2015

Ukranian fashion designer Vladymyr Podolyan’s monobrand store in the heart of Kiev owes its aesthetics to a collaboration with Ukranian design studio Fild’s vision for a 36sqm prerevolution building with high ceilings and a large arch window. With a branded view on feminine fashion developed by Podolyan leader and designer Vladymyr Podolyan, their distinctive style emanates a glowing mystery of care and sensuality in women’s clothing, a theme that needed to be replicated in the interior design of the monobrand store.

Fild bases its designs on minimalist lines and subtle colours, demonstated in the interior and lighting design of Podolyan’s store. A set of upholstered seats and a concrete table top are situated in the middle to accentuate the centrepiece of the room, while 36 Edison bulbs float in the air above the furniture unit, lending a complementary glow to the angular and clean design.

The clothes on the racks are illuminated by twelve SO6 lamps from Fild’s first object design collection, Sustainable Origins. The collection features minimalist forms created in virtue of assembling raw materials of wood and metal, holding accurate and conceivable design at its heart.

The façade and show window of the store are decorated with brand logo featuring inner illumination that blends with a flood of natural daylight from the arch window. Fild designer Dan Vakhrameyev commented: “The idea was to make the interior of the store a part of the window display itself.” Drawing customers in with a lightly sophisticated clarity, the store presents a sharp image in both fashion and interior design.


Pic: Roman Pashovskiy