Private Apartment, Hong Kong

January 18, 2023

For this new project, Luxxu pays homage to the architectural style of Hong Kong, introducing a modern and contemporary feel to the luxury oasis. Structure alone, the penthouse was imagined as a sort of paradisial landscape with sweeping city views, and then, Luxxu decorated the interiors with high-end designs that epitomised the modern notion of luxury but in a lighter yet vigorous colour scheme, especially playing on the timeless appeal of various shades of brown and neutral hues, eye-catching gold accents, and an abundance of greenery. All divisions benefit from a bright atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow one to embrace the region’s phenomenal skyline.

As we move through the apartment, multiple Luxxu products illuminate the way. Starting in the hallway, Luxxu’s Waterfall II wall lamp illuminates the area with a unique glow courtesy of its gold-plated brass frames and crystal tubes. For the living room, every detail was thoroughly thought out to make a statement. The tray ceiling and the lighted brass walls immediately set the tone whereas the Shard suspension by Luxxu becomes a lighting installation in its own right.

In the dining room, the Burj chandelier offers a more opulent nature while becoming an ode to the modern age. In the bathroom, besides plenty of natural lighting, this space also benefits from the harmonious and architectural allure of the Pharo lighting fixtures.

What better way to boost your creativity than to work to the sight of the most magnificent mountain views. Luxxu took this concept and designed a highly simulative interior with floor-to-ceiling windows in the office. Here, the Tycho rectangular suspension was selected as the main luminaire, while the Waterfall technical wall lamp and the Tycho table lamp back up its stately layout.