Private Residential, Canada

January 15, 2019

When Powell & Bonnell encountered a troublesome Toronto house that was stuck on the market, they tackled the challenge by refreshing the space with a focus on light and serenity. Despite being a new build in a desirable area, this home was unappealing to prospective buyers due to the stuffy, dated rooms with medieval looking light fixtures.

The eighteen-month renovation updated the interior dramatically. The main kitchen and bathrooms were radically altered, as were two master bedroom suites.  Working with a concept of tranquillity, the space was redefined through use of both architectural and decorative lighting.  The design team incorporated modern, bold pieces, along with organic and sculptural elements, such as the Arboreal fixture by Yellow Goat Design, in the main dining area.

Powell & Bonnell sought out sculptural elements to keep the interior from feeling stale or stodgy. Yellow Goat Design’s “Arboreal” or “living in trees” was the ideal piece to bring the natural environment into an intimate dining space. Made of thick, satin, overlapping foliage and mirror polished gold and silver aluminium sheets, this fixture casts a unique mix of prickled light and shadow around a room in leaf-like patterns, emulating filtered sunlight cast from the native Australian Eucalypt.

For a dining space that was stuck in the middle ages, this elevation to the literal treetops gave it the rebirth it desperately needed.