RBW makes Staffan Tollgard debut

June 15, 2017

(UK) – Rich Brilliant Willing makes UK debut with Staffan Tollgard Design Group.

New York-based design firm has joined forces with Staffan Tollgard Design Group to strengthen its international presence. Commenting, RBW co-founder Alexander Williams said: “Our mission is to create atmosphere with LED lighting using technology, simplicity and creativity. I think this is a universally applicable recipe.

“However, it still requires the expertise of someone with deep roots in the London design community to help translate our message and offering for this important market. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Staffan Tollgard to make our LED fittings accessible to a growing audience.”

“For me, RBW continues the artisan qualities, making most of their luminaires in the Brooklyn studio, with an OCD-esque perfectionism,” says Tollgard. “Handmade should not imply a tolerance of imperfection. A bad welding joint is not evidence of being handmade; it is a bad welding joint. RBW’s execution and attention to detail is second-to-none. I am truly excited to bring some of their most iconic pieces to their first London home.”