Republic of Fritz Hansen introduces Dogu Light

July 6, 2018

(Denmark) – Republic of Fritz Hansen collaborates with Michael Geertsen.

Republic of Fritz Hansen and Lightyears collaborates with Danish artist, ceramicist and designer Michael Geertsen on the Dogu light, a simple and clean design idiom that casts a sensuous glow.

Michael Geertsen’s art is inspired by the correlation between sculpture and functionality, the Dogu light reflects Geertsen’s this with its organic silhouette and smooth surface.

The name Dogu is Japanese and refers to the traditional ceramic figures shaped like animals and manlike creatures, they had no utility value; however, they had great immaterial and emotional function. In the shape of Geertsen’s modern Dogu lamp, these properties are combined in a useful and aesthetic function – the moulded lampshade is made of bone china, a semi-transparent material made of white clay with bone ash. The light casts a soft and golden light, which characterises the Nordic tradition of applying light to bring out a certain mood and atmosphere. The small irregularities of the bone china resemble the natural marks of e.g. natural leather and add life and personality to the material, which accentuate the unique diversity of the lamps.

Dogu is curved from the cord to the base – from the bone china lampshade to the aluminium suspension. This suspension has small gaps, which cast the light upwards. The result is a pleasant, soft and diffused light.