Residential Project, UK

September 5, 2017

Having already developed a single suspension bar to work over dining tables and kitchen islands in particular, it was a natural progression for Curiousa & Curiousa to play with a double bar option. The double bar suspension chandelier plate supported 20 pendants, each differing in height, form and colour to provide a stunning cascade.

“Working with the client, we selected colours that would complement her existing interior and artwork – especially the treasured portraits of her children hung on the stairway leading to their bedrooms,”said Director,Esther Patterson.

To complement the glass pendants Esther used LED lamps from Well-Lit which has developed a range of dimmable lamps thatnot only look stunning but are also ethically manufactured.

“Who we work with and how we work is incredibly important to us. We always want to use local, UK-based craftsmen and women wherever possible – but when it isn’t, such as in LED lamp manufacturer, it’s important to find a supplier that reflects our values. So we were delighted to meet Chris from Well-Lit who has won awards for his ethical approach to Chinese manufacture whilst also advancing the technical aspects of the lamps, developing unique, discreet and reliable drivers. For us it’s the perfect partnership. Every stairwell chandelier we design throws up its own problems – no two are the same. For the client’s chandelier, in this project, not only was the space between the bannisters tight, the ceiling also sloped into an atrium. But solving problems is all part of the fun!” enthused Patterson.