Liceo Musicale Passaglia, Italy

November 21, 2017

Martinelli Luce took part in the restoration of one of the most fascinating historic complexes in Lucca, the former Convent of Sant Agostino, now Liceo Musicale Passaglia, a high school specialising in musical studies.

Emiliana Martinelli and Marco Ghilarducci designed an innovative lighting project which respects the historical environment whilst also offering students and teachers spaces where the light integrates perfectly with the structure. The lights chosen include the linear set system and the Calabrone suspended lights for the classrooms, the Lunaop and Luna for the common areas, the impressive Koka for the music rooms and circular for the other educational areas. The aim of the design was to improve the static safety of the building in case of seismic events, complying in full with the most advanced criteria for energy efficiency and the use of environmentally friendly materials, at the same time recovering the historic architectural elements that had been lost over the years.

All work was carried out in observance of the original 14th century structure of the complex by combing the restoration techniques with safety and energy efficiency.