Roll & Hill launches collection with Jessica Helgerson

December 2, 2022

(USA) – Brooklyn-based lighting and furniture company Roll & Hill launches Rue Sala and Del Playa, two lighting collections designed by interior designer Jessica Helgerson.

Known for thoughtful and artful interior design that combines historic architecture with bright and playful modern details, Jessica Helgerson’s design studio is based in Portland, Oregon, with a new office in Paris.

Rue Sala and Del Playa find unity in Helgerson’s love of turned and crafted materials, but diverge to reflect her upbringing in differing milieus. Helgerson was raised in Isla Vista, California in the 70s, and the materials for Del Playa—wood and ceramic—represent the handcrafted feel of the surroundings from her childhood spent on the Del Playa Drive beach. Rue Sala, on the other hand, speaks to her summers spent in France; the use of glass and bronze suggests the flamboyance and the historical feel of furnishings and other elegant objects that caught her eye.

This is Jessica Helgerson’s first line for Roll & Hill and her first product design that reaches beyond the realm of her clients. This is also Roll & Hill’s first collaboration with an interior designer. When asked her reasons for working with Roll & Hill, Helgerson says: “Lighting is such a special, bright part of an interior, like the fancy last piece of jewellery that makes the outfit, and Roll & Hill does it better than just about anyone.”

Del Playa consists of four pieces – single-arm sconce, double-arm sconce, two-arm pendant, and four-arm pendant. Rue Sala is available as a pendant sconce, single sconce, two-arm sconce, two-arm pendant, four-arm pendant, and six-arm pendant, and each piece is available in 120v or 240v.

The pieces will be on view at the Roll & Hill showroom in New York City’s SoHo neighbourhood and will be launched in Europe on December 5 with an event at the Triode showroom in Paris.