Rosie Li Debuts ‘Dots & Dashes’ at ICFF

May 26, 2017

(US) Rosie Li Studio announced the launch of its new 2017 collection ‘Dots & Dashes’ during New York Design Week at ICFF (May 21 – 24)

Following the success of past launches, Dots & Dashes sees whimsical forms grounded in classic materials true to the design studios aesthetic (brass and glass). Science and nature continues to shape the identity of the pieces, as it has in past collections, with hints of cellular patterns and ancient leaf clusters.

The Paloma Chandelier, inspired by particle collisions and the Palomar Observatory is a dynamic take on the classic 50’s Sputnik Chandelier. Six lights surround one key down light, allowing light to hover gently over its user/space.

Further releases include Hesse 07 Light Chandelier, a homage to Eva Hess’s sculptural rope installations and neutral spiral twist and the Laurel 07 Leaf Chandelier Inspired by laurel wreaths from ancient Rome.

‘This year was about loosening up and taking a more playful approach to my work. I wanted to push the boundaries of my design language to better express the beautiful moments I found in nature – from the helical twist in the Laurel Chandelier to the asymmetrical burst of the Paloma chandelier. The Collection conveys a strong sense of growth and movement that I hope appeals to viewers on a deeper and intrinsic level”. – Rosie Li.