Rove Hotel, UAE

November 5, 2019

H2R Design has injected the Rover experience into the interior design at the new Rove Hotel, Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

The three-star Rove Hotel, situated within Dubai Parks and Resorts theme parks, features an interior design from H2R Design that is a physical representation of the hotel brand’s slogan ‘explore without borders’. The free-flowing space injects playful features, bold colours and lighting accents to provide the guestts with the ultimate experience. 

“Our client approached us with an initial brief to create a space for thrill-seeking ‘rovers’ to stay and enjoy, while being in the heart of the action of Dubai Parks and Resorts,” explained Hasan Roomi, Co-Founder of H2R Design.

“We took the existing Rove brand attitude and developed it into our interpretation of the Rove experience. The hotel is adjacent to the theme parks and is conceptually tied to this area. The overall aim was to develop the urban attitude of current Rove properties, but ensure it is relevant to the location and demographic.

“With the contemporary generation of travellers in mind, we developed ways to keep them connected and engaged. Our aim was to harmoniously bring together four contrasting elements including the bold amusement park themes, UAE’s culturally inspired surroundings, the need for connectivity and the essentials of hotel-stay tranquillity.

“We achieved this by creating a natural flow from room to room and throughout the public spaces of the property with playful touches that would re-define the Rove experience. Ultimately, creating a physical representation of the brand tag – explore without borders.”

Balancing the influence of theme parks was carefully evened with sophisticated design elements and smart lighting, avoiding rooms that were too thematic. Nevertheless, the Rove personality is evident throughout: ‘artsy, cool and fun, interlacing a world of wonder and thrills.’

Husain Roomi, joint Co-Founder of H2R Design, tells darc about the pleasure of working on this project: “This was actually a dream project, with very few challenges faced in the delivery. Consultants, contractors and the client worked together harmoniously to create a shared vision. Making it a joy to design and bring to life.

“Since the early stages, our collaborations with the client enabled us to lock in the concept. Therefore, it did not change much over time – we followed through with the concept until the end.”

Decorative lighting played a key role in the design aesthetic and functionality and had to be adapted to all generations of guests, while working work side by side with architectural fixtures. H2R Design worked closely with LET lighting consultants on the project to produce a coherent scheme throughout the hotel. All the fixtures are dimmable to adapt to the changing natural light outside. 

“We always work with lighting consultants – given that it’s such an important aspect of interior design,” explains Husan. “Having a specialist onboard helps us deliver our desired aesthetic appeal, mood, ambiance and vision to the best of our abilities. We created a balance between the two. Using natural lighting as much as possible (using full height façade glazing for sustainability) and optimised the use of architectural lighting – introducing it only in places where we needed to accentuate and soften the space.” 

The lighting elements used throughout the hotel varied, as Husain explains: “Marhaba (hello in Arabic) is the first thing you see when entering the hotel, using surface-mounted fixtures on the ceiling. We wanted the lighting to convey a message, bringing in a quirky touch and an introductory voice to the brand. 

“There were also small lights between the wooden frame fins in the lobby. These were used to accentuate the lenticular artwork that was commissioned by local artist Tarsila Schubert. The suitcase locker room also had a quirky light feature, representative of a maze – linking back to the Rove brand slogan of exploring without borders. 

“In the general seating area we included giant floor lamps, which accentuated the large seating groups as well as bringing a colour accent into the space. Suspended west elm lights in the lobby and seating areas give the space a sophisticated touch with their brass finish. 

“Considering sustainability throughout the project, we used rattan lighting in the all-day dining area. This also helped with separating the different zoning areas of seating, highlighting the high seat tables.”

In the guestrooms, bedside lamps add a further pop of colour and playful element to the overall aesthetic scheme. “Our final impression was a positive one as it was delivered effectively and in line with our initial plans,” reflects Husan. 

“The project is unique in its location – being in the midst of a theme park. But, what made it such a standout experience was working on a shared creative and consistent vision with the client, contractor and consultants. As playful as the design is, it maintains a sophistication, which can be seen throughout the property. Accents and details are bright and cheery, yet flow into more relaxing spaces to ensure a comfortable experience. This ensures the openness of space while maintaining a strong workflow and connectivity throughout to elevate the guest experience within a theme park driven context.”

Images: Nikola Stokanovic