RYSE Hotel, South Korea

September 6, 2018

RYSE hotel is a vibrant new hotel in the creative heart of Hongdae, Seoul. Part of the Autograph Collection, the hotel aims to act as a cultural force and lifestyle hub. The design is inspired by the beauty of the Korean landscape and the alternative, youthful character of the neighbourhood in which the hotel is situated.

London-based architecture and interior design studio Michaelis Boyd was commissioned to create a bold vision for the entire hotel, which sits within a building designed by SCAA, and has delivered a distinctive design concept for the hotel interiors with artistic elements woven throughout the public spaces, amenities and guest rooms.

Michaelis Boyd worked with local interior design firm Integ. and UK-based lighting designers Inverse Lighting on the project and as the design developed, the space became more colourful and more materials were added. As such, lighting became a very important player in the space – bringing warmth and light to the various colours and textures. Inverse Lighting was responsible for ensuring the architectural lighting worked efficiently with the prominent decorative lighting elements and interior design.

Inverse Lighting’s Onur Sunguroglu told darc: “We were invited by Integ. to work on this project based on our existing relationship. Our involvement was limited to the public areas and as the decorative lighting elements were one of the key features of the design, we made sure that the architectural lighting didn’t compete but complemented it where there was a shortage of ambient and accent lighting.”

Michaelis Boyd wanted to create a dynamic first impression for the hotel guests and so the design team created a striking feature at the centre of the triple-height entrance space – a lift, core-clad in monolithic concrete slabs of different textures, that contrasts with the perfectly cut and polished marble lobby area. A pink resin floor reflects the energy and spirit of the neighbourhood while a large statement artwork looms from an elliptical hole in the ceiling. The floor also acts as a reflecting pool as daylight passes through the space. Simple yet bold decorative lighting elements complement the interior design throughout the lobby, which is defined by this mix of rough and raw materials combined with luxurious detailing.

The check-in and print lounge have been designed to suggest a grand curated gallery in red and gold colour ways with art pieces reflecting the history of Hongdae. A long brass mesh curtain has been woven vertically through the space to form individual zones and a sense of transparency, this is brought to life with the use of architectural lighting elements. The space is split down the middle by the elliptical void looking down to the entrance lobby, while a sculptural concrete staircase circles around the perimeter leading up to the fourth floor.

Moving up to the guest rooms, they feature a natural colour palette making use of green and blue tones. The main concept for the rooms was to break down the typical corridor and bathroom box at the entrance to a hotel room. Michaelis Boyd achieved this by designing a permeable wall that is expressed in different ways across different room types. The lighting in the guest room hallways was a key consideration as part of this. In this area, strip lighting was embedded into the architectural finish rather than decorative pieces that could have led to a ‘thematic’ result.

In the bedroom and lounge areas of the suites, the decorative lighting elements are kept simple and classic, with task lighting featuring prominently in the head boards and floor lights used for reading areas. Over the dining table, elegant globe pendants draw the eye and in the bathroom, inbuilt mirror lighting adds a modern, clean look to the design.

The final design impression at RYSE hotel, is one that creates a one-of-a-kind experience in Seoul created by a passionate team and enhanced by visionary collaborators from every corner of the globe.



Image: Yongkwan Kim