SLA, Netherlands

January 16, 2019

Six years after the introduction of their salad bar in Amsterdam, SLA recently opened the doors to their twelfth location, and first in Rotterdam. Interior design firm Standard Studio were asked by SLA to create a recognisable interior which naturally conveys the ‘pure and healthy’ identity of SLA and reflects the industrial character of Rotterdam. Standard Studio turned to industrial artefact specialists Blom & Blom, to craft bespoke lighting fixtures that deliver a distinctive ambiance for SLA’s newest salad bar.

Blom & Blom’s lighting concept for SLA makes use of sustainable and organic materials. They designed a bespoke lighting installation of massive wooden beams, suspended by thin steel cables above the salad counter. These impressive beams are made from discarded pilings that had been in the water for over 50 years and were originally used to support the docks in the harbour. A slim LED channel runs the length of the beams for a minimalistic effect, balancing size and elements in striking contrast.

Blom & Blom’s Giant Copperhead ceiling lamp hovers gracefully above the communal table. It is constructed with sleek copper piping encircling a rectangular core crafted from recycled textile waste. The front window and walls are illuminated with lamps from Blom & Blom’s Fox line. These lights have a base made of discarded dragline mats and rugged beams, embellished with an exposed electrical cable set into the outside surface.