Slamp opens new flagships in Milan and London

April 29, 2022

(Italy) – Slamp to open two new flagships stores in Europe as a result of large financial growth.

The brand closed 2021 on a positive note, with double-digit growth and total earnings of 11.5 million euros. Year after year, the company has seen a solid financial increase, up almost 40% from 2020, and more than 27% from 2019.

After the addition of the latest company asset and a 2,000sqm electronics warehouse, 2022 will see the first Slamp flagship stores open their doors: Slamp Milano Duomo on June 5 during the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, and Slamp London Knightsbridge in September during the London Design Festival.

“Slamp isn’t simply the story of one, or a handful of people, or a single entrepreneur following their intuition. Slamp is made up of 100, maybe 300, lives that together have built and strengthened an idea. We will never be satisfied, instead consistently and constantly searching for more and new things on the horizon. The new openings in 2022 are further evidence of the branding process adopted in 2019,” says Roberto Ziliani, Slamp’s Founder and President.

To capture the spirit of this moment at the cusp of the company’s third decade of creation, Slamp chose Milan’s Studio Punctum to film “La Luce prima di tutto”. The short clip, under the artistic direction of Slamp’s General Director Luca Mazza, exhibits Slamp’s defining handcrafted, sartorial approach.

“We are not presumptuous enough to try to change the world, but we believe that everyone can create vibrations, much like the flutter of a butterfly wing. We start every day with the knowledge that responsible dedication to even the smallest gesture can make a difference for many,” comments Slamp’s Sales and Marketing Director Erika Martino Mazza.

Furthermore, Slamp has the privilege of contributing to a sustainable cultural model, infusing systematic and inclusive social impact into its practices. A continuing sustainable project requires the strategic, efficient management of available natural, economic, and human resources. The company itself generates socio-economic development within its own operational community and with those who occupy it.