Slamp presents biodiverse collaboration

January 28, 2020

(Italy) – Slamp launches recycling programme to help bee population.

Environmental issues are on the tip of everyone’s lips, and ethical companies are enacting sustainable paradigms that cover every aspect of their impact. Slamp starts 2020 with a new project geared towards the planet’s wellbeing. 

The new collaboration sees leftover cuttings from its light fixtures transformed in portable beehives. Slamp has been practicing sustainability for over 25 years and their resistant, long-lasting technopolymers not only exhibit optimal thermal, electrical, and chemical properties, but these materials are also recyclable.

With zero manufacturing impact on the environment: the lamps’ technopolymer sheets undergo cold cutting before being constructed by hand. The small amount of extra cuttings are recycled monthly a portion of them are being made into beehives for bumblebees by DS-Group.