SmartDigital, Germany

September 14, 2016

Berlin-based IONDESIGN focuses on 3D design across disciplines, connecting interior design and architecture as well as other forms of physical and digital design. Aiming at the timeless utility in design, the SmartDigital office in Berlin is no exception to the studio’s focus in its flexible floor plan and definitive lighting scheme.

Excluding the space on the ground level, which is now occupied by the SmartDigital office, Wall was already using a large part of the building, so IONDESIGN was tasked with connecting the new office to the rest of the company headquarters. As such a vibrant colour, the neon red entrance from the street to SmartDigital demanded a large amount of light; Slide’s Globo Hanging pendants were selected to bring the space to life, and stand out against the red backdrop.

The entrance from the street was closed off and a staircase was opened again to access the new office space from the first floor.

The red neon entrance opens into the bar area where Muuto’s Unfold pendants hang out in a playful yellow, contributing to the lively atmosphere that IONDESIGN set out to achieve, adding a splash of colour to the interior while emitting an atmospheric light. This lively part of the office is placed in the most public area to help partition the open plan structure, highlighting the role decorative lighting plays in departmentalising this popular type of spatial office design.

SmartDigital’s yellow and red neon colours were inspired by the ground floor venue’s surrounding road traffic, and help to create a lively atmosphere while increasing the wellbeing of employees.