SpaceInvader announces appointments and promotions to strengthen team

June 9, 2023

(UK) – SpaceInvader Founder John Williams has announced a number of new appointments and promotions at the Manchester-based interiors agency that will strengthen and boost the firm’s senior management team.

The changes involve the appointment and promotion of two new Associate Directors and five new Associates across the different parts of the studio.

“As we emerge properly out of the pandemic and face the future with a burgeoning order book,” John Williams comments, ‘it was definitely the moment to make a strategic investment in the future of the agency by appointing a strong new level of senior management. These key appointments will help take the company forward as we continue expanding from our solid workplace design base and into more hospitality and developer-residential schemes. We are bringing new talent into the company, as well as rewarding and promoting some of the strongest players in the existing team, whilst also expanding their roles to help the studio stay ahead of the game on some of the major challenges the industry is facing, particularly around sustainability and technological change.”

Former Associates Nathan Lindley and Sarah Dabbs have now been made Associate Directors, having first joined SpaceInvader in 2015 and 2019 respectively. Lindley’s new responsibilities will include “overseeing the perfection of our technical delivery across all projects as well as nurturing some of our key client partnerships, such as Manchester City”, whilst Dabbs’ will cover “the management of processes and systems, including sustainability-reporting on projects, as well as providing an increased presence in the management of client relationships”.

The five new Associates include Interior Designers Imogen Woodage, who joined SpaceInvader in 2015 and Regina Cheng, who came on board in 2017, as well as Graphic and Branding Designer Jenny Crossland, who joined in 2019 and Principal Designer Tad Kolakowski, who joined in 2020. “We are one of the only dedicated interiors agencies, certainly the only one we know of, with a dedicated Principal Designer on its books. This brings our in-house knowledge to another level,” adds Williams.

The final new Associate is a new hire – Jon Waldron, an Interior Designer with a background in high-end residential and marine, who previously ran his own practice and will bring expertise in managing larger and more complex projects through to delivery.

L to R Jon Waldron, Nathan Lindley, Regina Cheng, Jenny Crossland, Imogen Woodage, Tad Kolakowski, Sarah Dabbs, John Williams. Image by: Pip Rustage