Spate – Bert Frank

January 31, 2019

Spate successfully combines the very latest technology with elegant forms and rounded shapes. Available as a pendant, wall sconce and a table lamp, Spate maintains Bert Frankʼs continued homage to Art Deco style.

The marble spheres act as a robust tonal counter balance to the soft satin brass found on the metalwork and the opal stepped glass shade. The glass shade – acid etched for a delicate, even glow – combines cutting-edge technology with luxurious styling. Instead of traditional lamps, LED lighting strips are used in Spate – emitting light in every direction and therefore resulting in better light distribution. LED strips are also more energy efficient and last longer than traditional lamps. Furthermore, Spate is available with Bluetooth dimming capabilities, helping to ensure a future-proof design as more of us seek to include ʻsmartʼ technologies into our homes.