Spottiswoode Residence, Singapore

January 4, 2016

A small space is not always a limitation; Flair Illume saw the restriction as a creative opportunity to use light in developing an intelligently thought out Singapore home.

Lighting company Flair Illume in Singapore developed a futuristic interior with a thoughtful lighting scheme, making use of Innermost products for the Spottiswoode Residence. Managed by Flair Illume Product Specialist Ian Tan, who has a strong foundation in the interior design sector for providing functional, aesthetic and revolutionary lighting solutions, Flair Illume was able to meet the client’s brief of using light to create irregularity, while meeting the purposes of different spaces.

Drawn to Spottiswoode for its intelligent space planning, the client’s interior designer Sabrina Ang had transformed this small, compact and double volume ceiling height space into a luxury furnished residence, where office and home could be integrated. Tan explained how light was used across this space: “The initial concept was to use different light fixtures to create a futuristic feel for the designed space, with a functional yet decorative appearance, where illumination is sufficient for dining, working and presentation.”

Light enhances spatial design and effects emotion; “without light, all is darkness,” said Tan, who holds close to his designs the idea of healthy lighting. In developing the scheme for Spottiswoode, Tan focused on the notion that the human body uses protective measures against lights that are too bright or too hot. Natural aversion from bright lights creates discomfort, which is a danger “when lights are not properly designed.”

The space within the house was divided up, each with its own purpose, yet with a uniform light colour temperature throughout to create a sense of unity. The double volume space uses Innermost’s Buckle pendant light to create an ambient light sculpture, making use of a mirror to make the smaller space appear larger. The irregular shape of Innermost Buckle pendant lights, one at a 70cm diameter, and the other at 120mm, is the key to the futuristic style of this interior scheme. “Neither too bright nor dim, Buckle scatters light around creating background lighting for the space, rather than using harsh lights directed straight down from the ceiling,” said Tan. “As for the Circus pendant lamp, it illuminates the dining area in a gentle atmosphere, while projecting sufficient light for the surrounding working areas.”

The team faced a challenge in mounting Buckle at the double volume ceiling height. Tan explained how working with a residential project, they were restricted by space: “By wiggling through the narrow space and getting the centre portion clear, we could lay the pendant down. Scaffolding was then erected to put the two Buckle pendants up.” While most commercial spaces have more room to work with, “all designs are about looking at the space available and allocating appropriate products based on applications and requirements, so a different approach is necessary for every application.”

Through thoughtful design and intelligent allocation of space, light has been used enhance Spottiswoode, showing that the right materials, beautiful lighting fixtures and a good imagination are all that is needed to bring luxury and comfort together.