Studio d’Armes – Gigi

June 2, 2021

Studio d’Armes, in collaboration with Verre d’Onge, unveils its new duo of table and floor lamps: Gigi and Gigi Grand.

This collection is the result of a professional love affair between the Montrealer studio Verre d’Onge and Studio d’Armes. This joint project is the alliance of two domains: the mastery of glass and of light. Its very existence emerges from a creative process focused on pleasure and an exploration of its physical nature, of the sensory experience of its presence in space.

Both Gigi, with their different dimensions, carry distinct personalities. Gigi Grand has presence with its elegant geometry and its refined details, while the smaller Gigi is playful and expresses joy and softness.

In its desire to explore and rethink the classical glass lamp, Studio d’Armes and Verre d’Onge pushed the limits of the glass to create Gigi Grand, which possesses monumental dimensions for this art.

Individually made by a glassblower, Gigi’s shades and tones spread throughout the glass, each time creating a unique way tone. Their high-quality lighting emanates from bidirectional light engines and can be dimmed to a warmer shade.